August 19, 2019: Release 2019.819.1
Added support for one more new site, and fixed another that had changed some of their internal layout. Also a small bug fix that was causing the version not to show up on the configuration screen. The details can be found here: click for the release notes for 2019.819.1
August 14, 2019: Release 2019.814.1
Hot on the heels of the last release, we're adding support for multiple new sites and some bug fixes. The details can be found here: click for the release notes for 2019.814.1
August 11, 2019: Release 2019.811.1
Once again, I've gone way too long with updating this page. A lot has changed since this page was updated regularly, including the versioning scheme (the versions now closely follow the date when the release is made). I've instituted a new policy that all releases need to have corresponding release notes added going forward so here they are - click for the release notes for 2019.811.1. This release had a lot of internal re-writing and a new way of defining how sites are supported (it's all internal stuff - but the end results is that maintaining and adding new sites is substantially easier now).
October 31, 2017: Release 0.9.736
I've long neglected this news page, so a few quick updates. We've been adding new libraries in a rush recently, so many thanks to the users sending in the details. We have some exciting changes upcoming in the next few weeks
New and updated security rules will allow you to pick the sites that the extension can run on, removing the 'all sites' permission currently in place. This should be available by November 10, 2017.
Along with new security rules, Firefox has scheduled the release of Firefox 57, which we are targetting for support. Expect the Firefox version of the extension to be ready shortly after that milestone. This has been a long requested, long awaited item (especially looking at our last news update, nearly 2 years ago!) I'mlooking forward to completing this task
If you have any questions or comments, they're always welcome via our feedback page.

December 2, 2015: Release 0.9.309
Happy Holidays to all! It's been a busy few months as we have had nearly 80 updates since our last update to the page, adding dozens of new libraries.
Support for Firefox is nearing completion, with final testing currently under way. We expect to have something ready to use within a few weeks (subject to Mozilla Store approval!)

October 21, 2015: Release 0.9.227
It's been an incredibly long time between updates to the website, but there have been a lot of changes going on. We've added hundreds of libraries, with our count of supported libraries now over 1200!
We've just added support for, as is shown on the right. Also support is, a site targeted a school aged children, parents, and teachers
We are working hard as well on a Firefox version, with a target release date in November 2015. Watch this space, or sign up on our home page for details.
April 25, 2014: Release 0.9.114
We continue to make some progress on a long list of pending libraries, as well as updates to the use experience. We appreciate your patience as we prepare some excited changes. We have also been long delayed on keeping this page updated, and will try to ensure updates with each new release going forward.
This release contained some updates for the following libraries:
    United States:
  • Library
  • Pikes Peak Library District
  • Salt Lake City Library
  • Salt Lake County Library

June 2, 2013: Release 0.9.98
As part of improving visibility into the changes that go into the Library Extension, a detailed list of changes will start being posted with each release. This particular release was a long time coming, and includes a large number of improvements and additions
Improved Overdrive (eBooks) Results: The Overdrive search has been improved to try and better locate matching titles. Previously, the extension tried to match on title prefixes, as some extended titles are presented differently on Amazon vs Overdrive. The extension now also matches on author, reducing the chance that a non-matching title shows availability.
Improved Performance: A significant overhaul to how libraries are managed in the extension has reduced memory utilization by over 50%. With nearly 900 libraries now supported, each successive release would reduce the preformance on Chrome on the end user's machine. The changes in this release significantly improve startup-time for the browser and extension, and reduce the impact on the end user's system.
Audiobook and Music support for Bibliocommons: Bibliocommons powered libraries will now also display matches for audiobooks, including Audible titles, and music CDs when browsing those pages on Support for other library catalogs will be coming in future releases.
Improved results matching for WebPacPro, Sirsi Dynix (hosted), Aqua Catalogs: Miscellaneous improvements to searches conducted on catalogs running WebPacPro, Sirsi Dynix, and Aqua catalogs.
Support for Australia and Canada: Long request support for Canadian and Australian libraries appears in this release. The following libraries are supported as of this release:
  • Tea Tree Gully Library, SA
  • Burdekin Library, QL
  • Canada:
  • Burnaby Public Library, BC
  • Cambridge Public Libraries, ON
  • Edmonton Public Library, AB
  • Greater Victoria Public Library, BC
  • Hamilton Public Library, ON
  • Kitchener Public Library, ON
  • Moose Jaw Public Library, SK
  • New Brunswick Public Library Service, NB
  • North Vancouver City Library, BC
  • North Vancouver District Library, BC
  • Ottawa Public Library, ON
  • Red Deer Public Library
  • Regina Public Library, SK
  • Saskatoon Public Library, SK
  • Strathcona County Library, AB
  • Vancouver Public Library, BC
  • Waterloo Public Library, ON
  • Winnipeg Public Library, MB
New US Libraries: The following US libraries are supported as of this release:
  • Arlington Library, TX
  • Bozemon Public Library, MT
  • Central Arkansas Library System, AR
  • Cobb Couny Public Library System, GA
  • East Meadow Public Library, NY
  • East Rockaway, NY
  • El Paso Public Library, TX
  • Enock Pratt Free Library, MD
  • Eugene Public Library, OR
  • Farmington Community Library, MI
  • Fayetteville Public Library, AR
  • Fort Smith Public Library, AR
  • Franklin University Nationwide Library, OH
  • Jackson District Library, MI
  • Jefferson County Public Library, CO
  • Lawrence Public Library, KS
  • Lawton Public Library, OK
  • Leon County Library, FL
  • Library of the Chathams, NJ
  • Loudoun County Public Library, VA
  • Minuteman Library System, MA
  • New Lenox Public Library District, IL
  • Osceola County Library, FL
  • Pelham Public Library, NH
  • Pollard Memorial Library, MA
  • St Louis University, MO
  • Temple Terrace Public Library, FL
Updated US Libraries: Various libraries across the country have updated their catalogs, or users have identified particular issues. Here's the list of libraries that have been addressed in this release:
  • Chesapeake Public Library System, VA
  • Dakota State University, SD
  • Eastern Shores Library System, WI
  • Mid-Hudson Library System, NY
  • Richland Public Library, WA
  • Tacoma Public Library, WA
  • Wayne County Public Library, WA
  • Wilson County Library System, TN

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