Instantly see book and e-book availability from your local library on your favorite book shopping sites

We've noticed that you're not using Chrome! The Library Extension currently only works with Google's Chrome web browser.

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Convenient library availability as you browse

If you've ever wanted to see whether a book is available at your local library while you browse for books on, then Library Extension is for you!

As you browse book and e-book titles on, the Library Extension checks your library's online catalog and displays the availability of that title on the same page. If the book is available at your library, you'll know instantly, with a quick, convenient link reserve the title at your library!

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    Just install, choose your library, and browse! No sign up required!
    See availability on the same page as Amazon's offers and reviews
Install the Library Extension Now
  • Once you've installed the extension, choose your local library from the comprehensive list of supported libraries
  • Immediately begin to browse Amazon and see if the books and e-books are available from your local library