June 5, 2022: 2022.605.1

New Features

  • No new features in this release


  • Improved error reporting when catalogs cannot be reached.
    The Library Extension will now report an error in more failure modes, especially situations where the catalog information is outdated and inaccessible.

Bugs Fixed

  • Case LIB-311 Some Polaris catalogs were failing to get results to display.
    Some Polaris catalogs were not having the search results process correctly. This is now fixed.
  • Case LIB-312 Improve iiivega Availability information.
    Some iiivega catalogs were not having the availability information properly identified on the page. This is now fixed.
  • Case LIB-313 Improve Evergreen support for newer versions of Evergreen catalogs.
    Some libraries that have updated their Evergreen installations were not being properly searched. The APIs endpoints used to query the catalogs have been updated and confirmed to work with older catalogs. Improved item type identification was also added in this version to better identify the items returned as search results for more Evergreen catalogs.
  • Case LIB-315 Amazon book pages where not always properly identified, Extension would not show up.
    Some Amazon book detail pages were not being properly identified as having a book item. The set of identifiable pages has been updated.

Known Issues

  • OCLC catalogs running on 'version 2' of their catalog software are currently not functioning

In Case You Missed It

  • The Library Extension now has the ability to display multiple matching results for physical catalogs

One more thing...

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