November 11, 2021: 2021.1111.1

New Features

  • No new features in this release


  • No user facing improvements in this release

Bugs Fixed

  • Stop displaying 'automatic update' message constantly.
  • Fixed a problem preventing searches on Primo Discovery catalogs from completing.
  • Case LIB-100 The Extension would not show up properly on certain sites, such as Audible. This fix sets explicit background and foreground colors.
  • Case LIB-231 The Extension would not properly search on Audible items on Amazon detail pages.
  • Case LIB-242 Hoopla results would show items a '999 of -1' available, caused by a mistake to the display logic.
  • Case LIB-244 Autographics Verso catalogs would sometimes fail to find items. The problem was a key value was passed as a string rather than a number.
  • Case LIB-245 Koha catalogs would sometimes encounter an error between searches. The subsequent search would work, but this would appear intermittently.

Known Issues

  • There are no known issues

In Case You Missed It

  • The Library Extension now has the ability to display multiple matching results for physical catalogs

One more thing...

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