August 19, 2019: 2019.819.1

New Features

  • Added support for new site


  • Some more internal cleanup - nothing too visible

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug that would not load the current version on the configuration screen
  • Updated the settings to work again after the site had some internal updates

Known Issues

  • The Pause Mode button is not displaying currently; you can use On-Demand mode to get a similar behavior

    Pause mode will be replaced by On-Demand mode altogether in an upcoming release

In Case You Missed It

  • Our recent release 2019.811.1 was a big one! Read about the changes in that release here
  • That release was followed up with release 2019.814.1! Read about the changes in that release here
  • We recently disabled our Google Analytics integration, as part of some feedback from the Mozilla Add Ons team. This does mean that we have less visibility in the mean time around which sites and libraries are being used and which ones may have problems. We hope to have a new system ready in the near future to report directly to our servers about which libraries are in use, and which features are being used, to aid in determining what areas of the product to improve

One more thing...

The Library Extension is provided at no cost, but it still takes time and effort to make this tool available to you. Consider supporting the Library Extension with a contribution to ensure that we can continue to bring these updates to everyone!

Please consider visiting our support page here and becoming a project supporter.

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