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The Library Extension usually attempts to find 'the best single' item that matches whatever page you are looking at. Digital catalogs have long returned all relevant results, and now you can enable the same behavior for all catalogs.


  1. Currently, you will see output similar to the following, where all digital matches are displayed, but only a single 'book' is available at both libraries
  2. Start by clicking on the icon of the stack of Library books in you browser. From the left menu, click on General Settings and scroll down the list of settings until you find the 'Beta Setting' with a list of items as in the screenshot below
  3. Choose 'Yes, I want all possible matches to be displayed' to have all results displayed.
  4. You will now see all matching items, regardless of their material type, as long as it matches based on title and author. For example, this screen shows digital matches and multiple additional copies of the same book.
Last updated June 26, 2022.

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