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Hoopla is a popular provider of digital resources for many library systems. One of the primary features of Hoopla is their lending model, which always has items available for lending (individual libraries, however, may limit either the cummulative number of items or the current number of items that any patron can check out) Adding a supported library is easy in the Library Extension.


  • Audiobooks
  • eBooks
  • Streaming Video


Follow these steps to add Hoopla to the Library Extension as a catalog option
  1. Start by clicking on the icon of the stack of Library books.
  2. Near the bottom, notice that there is a scrollable box with a 'yellow' background. All special catalogs are found in this box.
  3. Scroll to Hoopla and click on Add Hoopla to add Hoopla to the Library Extension.
  4. Optionally, you can also log in to your Hoopla account (only 1 account is currently supported) to see the lending limits available to you from your library
Last updated June 26, 2022.

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