We've noticed that you're not using Chrome! The Library Extension currently only works with Google's Chrome web browser.

You can download it from http://www.google.com/chrome

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do you support my local library?
    We have a complete list of supported libraries that you can check for your local library. If you library isn't on the list, please send us a message and we'll see if we can add it. In most cases, we can get your library added within a few days.
  • Why can't I select eBooks for my library?
    At this time, we only support results from Overdrive powered digital collections. If your library has an Overdrive powered digital collection, we may have missed it and we'd be happy to add it
  • Why can't I select Books for my library?
    At this time, we only support results from a select set of catalog systems. In some cases, library systems do offer an Overdrive powered digital collection, and we've enabled the option to at least get those results.
  • Can the extension show results for more than 1 library?
    Yes, the extension can show results from multiple library systems! You can add as many libraries as you like on the configuration page
  • Why does the extension keep showing no matches found?
    Although it's possible that your library doesn't have a copy, it's also possible you've discovered a bug in the extension, and we'd love to get it fixed right away. Send us a message with the name of the library and a few example books where you're seeing the problem. There's also a chance that your library has changed their catalog recently, and we haven't noticed, in which case we'll fix it as soon as you let us know about it!
  • When I click the Reserve a Copy or Place Hold button, why is the book listed isn't the same one I saw on Amazon?
    We depend on the results that your library's catalog returns, similar to when you search on their site yourself. Sometimes the results returned aren't very good. If you do encounter a particularly poor match, let us know and we'll see if we can improve our ability to look for a match in those results
  • Why do the eBook results never match the exact title?
    Why are there all of these unrelated results under the eBooks results?
    We use Overdrive's search results when we try to look up a book, and sometimes their search results don't return anything matching the title. We're working on figuring out a way to improve those result listings, but have decided to show all of the similar titles until we can improve our own display abilities.
  • How and when do you redrive revenue? (i.e. what's the catch?)
    At the moment, the extension is free for all, and does not produce any revenue. We are working on some new features that will be provided as 'premium' upgrades while keeping all of the existing functionality free for users.
  • What and how do you track my books?
    We take user privacy seriously and, unlike other tools, we do not track your browsing behavior. The Extension was designed to perform searches directly at your library, rather than through a middle-man, in part as a way of ensure user privacy. We do track some anonymous metrics surrouding the general use of the extension (for example, what versions are installed and which libraries are in use, as a way of ensuring we keep popular libraries working. If you have questions, we are more than happy to answer them if you contact us.
  • How do I check what version of the extension is installed?
    You can find the version of Library Extension on the page chrome://extensions. If it has not updated yet automatically, you can force an update by checking the 'Developer Mode' checkbox in the upper corner of the page, and then clicking on the 'Update Extensions Now' button that shows up.
  • How can I force an update to the latest version?
    If you have already installed the extension, you can check to see if you have the new version (it will usually install itself automatically) on the page chrome://extensions. If it has not updated yet automatically, you can force an immediate update by checking the Developer Mode checkbox in the upper corner on this page, and then clicking on the Update Extensions Now button that shows up.
  • How can I find the configuration screen?
    You can find the configuration screen by visiting chrome-extension://chkgcmmjoejpekoegkedcpifgfhpjmec/config.html in Chrome, or by visiting chrome://extensions, find Library Extension and click on the Options link.
  • You haven't answered my question here!
    Email us and we'll be happy to get back to you with a response as quickly as we can!

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