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Frequently Asked Questions
    Do you support my local library?
  • We have a complete list of supported libraries that you can check for your local library. If you library isn't on the list, please send us a message and we'll see if we can add it. In most cases, we can get your library added within a few days.
  • Why can't I select eBooks for my library?

  • At this time, we only support results from Overdrive powered digital collections. If your library has an Overdrive powered digital collection, we may have missed it and we'd be happy to add it
  • Why does the extension keep showing no matches found?

  • Although it's possible that your library doesn't have a copy, it's also possible you've discovered a bug in the extension, and we'd love to get it fixed right away. Send us a message with the name of the library and a few example books where you're seeing the problem. There's also a chance that your library has changed their catalog recently, and we haven't noticed, in which case we'll fix it as soon as you let us know about it!
  • When I click the Reserve a Copy or Place Hold button, why is the book listed isn't the same one I saw on Amazon?

  • We depend on the results that your library's catalog returns, similar to when you search on their site yourself. Sometimes the results returned aren't very good. If you do encounter a particularly poor match, let us know and we'll see if we can improve our ability to look for a match in those results
  • Why do the eBook results never match the exact title?
    Why are there all of these unrelated results under the eBooks results?

  • We use Overdrive's search results when we try to look up a book, and sometimes their search results don't return anything matching the title. We're working on figuring out a way to improve those result listings, but have decided to show all of the similar titles until we can improve our own display abilities.
  • You haven't answered my question here!

  • Email us and we'll be happy to get back to you with a response as quickly as we can!

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